Thursday, September 13, 2001

Newsweek Magazine: September 13, 2001

A list of articles in the September 13, 2001 edition of Newsweek, a special edition that hit the newsstands on September 13, 2001, removing the previous special edition excerpting the book, The 'Accidental President,' that revisited the controversial election of 2000:

'I Saw Things No One Should Ever See': These are dispatches from the front. Schoolteachers and firefighters, parents and police, trauma surgeons and tourists--they all struggled to explain the inexplicable. Here are their voices., September 13, 2001

'We've Hit the Targets': That message, allegedly sent by Osama bin Laden's men, makes him suspect No. 1. Can he be stopped at last?, September 13, 2001

A New Date of Infamy: In the skies and across the nation, the worst terrorist strike in U.S. history is a story of horror, heroes and the resolve not to give in to killers.(United Airlines Flight 93 passengers fight back, Sept 11, 2001 terrorism), September 13, 2001

A President Faces the Test Of a Lifetime: When the news broke, the Secret Service moved Bush deep into the interior, but by nightfall he'd returned to his besieged capital. The journey ahead of him--to reassure the nation and respond to an act of war--will be long and difficult, too., September 13, 2001

America, Unchanged: It's hard to imagine ever caring again about trivial or pedestrian concerns. But here's why we should try., September 13, 2001

Our Worst Nightmare.(September 11, 2001 attacks)(Brief Article), September 13, 2001

The Attack: How It Happened.(Sept 11, 2001)(Brief Article)(Illustration), September 13, 2001

The Toll On Our Psyche: By striking at the icons of America's military might and economic strength, the terrorists aimed to deeply shake the way the nation thinks of itself.(Sept. 11, 2001), September 13, 2001

The War On Terror Goes Global: America alone cannot triumph in the fight against terrorism. It needs the help of freedom-loving nations everywhere. This is their struggle, too., September 13, 2001