Monday, June 23, 2008

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton holds the hand of an unidentified woman as he waves at supporters while leaving the Delta Edmonton South hotel Friday. (David Bloom/Sun Media)

The Edmunton Sun reports:

An Edmonton Sun picture of former U.S. president Bill Clinton, holding hands in Edmonton with an unidentified woman, is getting international attention.

Entertainment website picked the picture up with headline "Bill Clinton: Hands-On Experience."

"President Bill Clinton is always giving a helping hand to his fellow man -- or woman, as the case may be," reads a cutline.

Clinton was in Edmonton Friday to give a lecture on various global issues, including Canada's relationship with the U.S., at Delta Edmonton South.

In the photo, Clinton holds the hand of an unidentified woman, as he waves at supporters and leaves the hotel after his lecture, where tickets ran $149 a pop.

The Sun was unable to determine just who the woman was.