Monday, February 18, 2008

V-Day Censored At A Local High School

From the Daily Sundial:

Vagina, a six-letter word that has caused an uproar at Cleveland High School. The school's administration has deemed the word "obscene." This is an accreditation year for the school, which is why such a commotion is not surprising.

A special Vagina Day edition of the school's newspaper Le Sabre was distributed on Feb. 14. The newspapers were dispensed during first period, with one headline reading, "Have a Happy Vagina Day!" Administration officials intercepted the stack of papers from being delivered to the rest of the school.

Immediately following, Principal Robert Marks spoke with Editor in Chief Richard Edmond to discuss why he was pulling the paper. He claimed Edmond's own political agenda was a factor in why the paper in itself was so "obscene."

Edmond said that Marks told him the paper was "a piece of shit" that should be handed out on Hollywood Boulevard."

Edmond said the staff understands that they are producing a newspaper for a high school audience, but they are also aware that an anatomical diagram of the vagina is something each high school student has seen in their Los Angeles Unified School District mandated Health class.

An announcement was made during second period instructing teachers to not pass out the paper, as remaining papers were to be collected by the deans and vice principals. However, supportive teachers passed out the papers willingly, seeing no problem with the articles.

During third and fourth period, newspapers were still in circulation despite the efforts made by teachers and the administration.

The faculty was divided in their initial reaction to the issue. Some teachers were reported to have been ripping up the issue in front of their classes, even taking issues already in the possession of students to do so.

A number of students were passing out stacks of papers during lunch as administrators were ripping papers out of the hands of interested students as they were reading them.

Journalism advisor Coleen Bondy, who didn't want to be quoted, was instructed by Marks to not distribute any remaining issues she had in her classroom during fifth period.